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International Cuddle Day 21 January!

International Cuddle Day Every year on 21 January, we should give each other an extra hug. The easiest but most meaningful token of appreciation. This day is held all over the world (like the German Knudeltag) but in the Netherlands and Belgium it is not so well known yet. The Day was established in 1986 by someone from America, and has become very popular. There is already an official website. You can also participate with a big virtual hug on worlds biggest hug although we find that a bit crazy, because what is a virtual hug worth?! If you are thinking: a lot, then here it is: *hug*. But if you can't give a virtual hug and you can't give a real hug either, then choose BronBeer! We will send him to you today! He is nice and soft, friendly and oh-so-cuddly!